Research, preservation, promotion and publications of the Arabian Horse Culture throughout the world


We are a cultural association, a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to preserving and promoting, across the world, the important heritage of the Arabian horse. NAWAL MEDIA aims to provide support to the international community of breeders and owners of Arabian horses with a particular emphasis on publications, research, and information.
The association has a particular focus on key publications.
The overall aim is to attract wide interest for Arabian horses by providing world-wide access to key knowledge of these horses, thereby also facilitating peaceful cooperation across different cultures on this basis of shared knowledge and communication.


The association aims to expand the field of research on, and the understanding of, the culture of Arabian horse breeding, and it will establish a more comprehensive information base than is currently available.
The latter is to be achieved by offering a number of activities such as regular talks, events, conferences, and discussions, as well as by creating a wide variety of print and audio-visual material such as videos, films, and cartoons.
In addition, NAWAL MEDIA offers, within the frame of their statutory aims, a commercial platform for members for the sale of books, videos, photographs etc and of works of visual art, both historic and contemporary, such as paintings, sculptures, and objects.
The association seeks to become a point of reference for everyone who has an interest in the rich heritage of this breed.


Interested parties can access various educational products, including books and e-books, magazines, newsletters, research material, and journals.
The association comprises a website production facility and is able to provide a wide range of media services, e.g. design, distribution and marketing of films, videos, CD ROMs and other digital media formats, by means of our publishing house. The NAWAL MEDIA website permits NAWAL MEDIA members to present and sell their products to the public.
Sales profits that were produced within the frame of the NAWAL MEDIA association are to be re-invested into producing publications as is statutory.


This is a voluntary and not-for-profit organization, to include founder members, regular members, and supporting members.

Foundation Members

Hans Nagel, born in Germany in 1930, holds a PhD in social economy. He has been traveling and working in the Arabian world as a businessman and horse breeder for more than 50 years now. He was president of the German Arabian Breeding Association (VZAP) for 20 years, is an an ECAHO A judge, was President of WAHO (the World Arabian Horse Organisation) for 15 years, and is the founder of Katharinenhof stud, the famous breeding stable of finest Arabian horses in Germany.

President and Author

Email: Phone: +49 4433 1535


Monika Savier, originally a German, has been living in Italy since 1985. She studied at the universities of Berlin and Rome and achieved an MA for Social and Educational Sciences. In 1988, she founded TRE BALZANE stud in Umbria, Italy. Working as an equestrian journalist, in 1995, she published the Italian edition of “Asil Arabians” and continues to write for renowned international journals such as Tutto Arabi Magazine, Milan, Desert Heritage Magazine, and Bait Al Arab Newsletter, Kuwait. From 2009 on, she was the managing editor of the official journal of ANICA; from 2007 on, she has been writing on behalf of WAHO about their international conferences.

Vice-President, Publisher, and Equestrian Journalist

Email: Mobile: +39 335 5235135


Mario Brunetti is a native of Italy. He studied, among others, art and architecture, and today applies his know-how as an image consultant for companies and public or private institutions. As an illustrator and designer, he has partaken in exhibitions in Italy and abroad. Mr Brunetti discovered the world of the Arabian horse in the 1990ies, when he met Monika Savier and co-operated with her in implementing several important works in this field, such as the Italian version of ASIL ARABI. He is well established with numerous well-known specialized publishers such as Alim Editrice, was the graphic designer of ANICA for their company magazine “The Arabian Horse in Italy”, and founded the NAWAL MEDIA association together with Hans Nagel and Monika Savier.

Treasurer, Art & Graphic Designer

Email: Phone: +39.0743.225299

Regular Members
Persons interested in becoming a member please contact Monika Savier:
Email: Mobile: +39 335 5235135

Supporting Members
Persons interested in becoming a supporting member please contact Monika Savier:
Email: Mobile: +39 335 5235135 or Dr. Hans Nagel.


Hans J. Nagel, Author
Monika Savier, Publishing manager
Mario Brunetti, Graphic designer
Miriam Mattrella, Secretary
Eugenia Franzoni, Web Master
Loredana Tosti, Business Consultant
Bettina Borst, Translations and English Editing
Claudia Grisanti, Translations and Italian Editing