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Some books carry a lot of weight in our lives: they accompanied us for some time, they left their marks on us, and we never forgot them. Other books just passed by without staying. Magazines and books are the analogous archives of our thoughts and experiences. A shelf full of books carries more weight than a curriculum vitae, even in today’s digital times. Second only to the language of pictures, it’s texts that convey journalistically prepared know-how and education. They tell of the past, of the successes in breeding and showing, they are the fabric of the much-written stories telling of the protagonists of the horse world, humans and animals, that cannot be allowed to be forgotten.
Digital technology makes it possible to carry our books and magazines wherever we go and whenever we like to do so, and to access them with just the click of a mouse.
Here, now, you can download extracts and read them whenever you have the time and inclination to do so. We will keep this digital library stocked and continuously extended with fresh content and texts.

Our thanks go to the following journals and magazines: Tutto Arabi, Desert Heritage Magazine, Arabian Horse Journal, Bait Al Arab Newsletter, Equus Arabian and many more for being kind enough to let us use their pdf files.

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