Always Together

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36 x 46 cm

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About The Author

Zenon Aniszewski

Zenon Aniszewski

Zenon Aniszewski was born on September 20th, 1948 in Grudziadz, North Poland.
Already as a young boy in elementary school he showed a remarkable talent of drawing.
At the age of twelve he definitely wanted to become a painter.
His parents did not agree and finally convinced him to start a military career.
However, from the beginning he couldn't feel at home in the army.
Subsequently he quit the service after graduating from the Military Academy.
To find back to his natural rhythm of life he started drawing again and soon concentrated on drawing animals. In no time he found that it were the horses that touched his heart deeply.
It happened that Professor Jerzy Feldmann, a member of the Academy of Arts, appreciated his works and was ready to teach Zenon in the art of oil-on-canvas as well of water coloring during 1970 through 1973.
In the following years he produced a great variety of paintings in oil and watercolor, showing off the beauty and temper of horses in all their natural movements.
Horses running, even racing, full of joy of life became his "Trade-Mark", with and without harness or rider.
His works were and are shown in exhibitions and galleries throughout Poland and Europe. Collectors enjoy the art of Zenon Aniszewski in Germany, Italy, Sweden, France, United Kingdom, Canada and the United States of America (f.e. the Auctions Of Harness Tracks of America). Friends in Poland even call him "Kossak of Gdansk".
Every year paintings of Zenon Aniszewski are presented in about 5-6 exhibitions.